Salt Water Fish Aquarium

By Trevor J Rockberry

Have you ever gone to an aquarium and enjoy the countless denizens of reef, warm, or deep oceanic variety of fish within their salt water fish tanks? It can be nearly certain that these colors, the activity, and the wonders of this unusual wildlife within the tanks mesmerized you. Maybe you have regarded bringing the current fish tank? Definitely, it is possible to, and this article offer you fundamental tips on salt-water aquariums, and dealing with the present day fish tanks being made today.

Anyone who has previously possessed goldfish as a child got an excellent association with the little fish inside the bowl. It had an identify, and initially watched as it ate its food. There was a hidden knowledge of the reason why the little fish got excited whenever we approached the bowl to feed these folks. They actually seemed to think, did it not? For a few folks, that fascination had hooks, and the path to having and retaining a modern fish tank.

Marine, or salt-water aquarium, have a certain allure for many hobbyists, since the range of fishes in the exact same environment can be vast. Invertebrates can be a thrilling addition, such as anemone's and mollusks. Big snails does not only add color or charm on the tank atmosphere, but can include the improvement cleaning of a marine tank.

To begin your new adventure in the salt-water aquariums activity, your choices abound for the size you may want. An excellent choice would be a tank that can be mounted either on a stand or within a wall, thus giving the tank a mounted picture appearance. This type of tank is the AquaBella stainless 49" tank, which is among the most current.

Easy Mounting

Any tank for your fish should have a base to carry it, and the base must be strong enough to carry the weight of gallons of water. A retaining wall installation structure may employ the studs within the wall to keep the tank safely, including a metal body surface finishes off the front, giving this specific modern day fish tank an appearance of art work.

Trouble F-r-e-e Servicing

The majority of fresh or salt-water aquariums need frequent cleaning and also maintenance, especially from algal blooms or large bacteria counts. The new modern fish tank is ready-to-use, just bring in water and sea the creatures begin their life. Low upkeep will relieve the hobbyist who would like the tank and everything in its beauty, but not all of the headache.

No matter what your choices tend to be, whether fresh or a salt-water fish tanks, the activity is often a gratifying and enjoyable possibility. The fish, as you will subsequently notice, have got individuality. Moreover, it is actually an educating working experience watching them begin their tiny lives inside the environment you provided. There are also products for instance "live rocks", which house a number of invertebrates and other sea creatures which have been anchored on the rock and "come alive after a few days of submersion. Sponges are also available to the new hobbyist, which cannot only be a wonder to observe, but can keep the tank nice and clean.

Mollusks and eels can be purchased, along with specialized shrimps as well as small crabs, rounding out your tank with an interesting and lively community of living organisms. Within the modern salt-water fish tanks, the actual sea may be the limit while determining exactly what creatures you'll use in your own small bit of design. - 32185

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New World Cichlid Tankmates - Choose Tankmates for Cichlids Wisely

By Carey Malloy

Choosing South American Cichlid tank mates is not difficult at all. There are a few things that you need to consider before you make any quick decisions while at your favorite pet store.

Considering how big your cichlids will be is the first thing that you should think about. Never pick tankmates for your cichlids that look like they are small enough to fit in your fishes mouth. Maybe that will not always work, but you get the idea.

Second, choosing tankmates that do not have the same temperament as each other. Juvenile Oscars and Angel Fish are a good example. These two species make great tankmates when they are little. But when those Oscars start to grow, the Angels will loose every battle very quickly.

Those are a couple of points about choosing tankmates for your cichlids, but I am sure you already knew about those simple details. Now lets ask the real question. What are the best tankmates for cichlids? Have you ever thought about catfish or the fantastic little corydoras. Corydoras are simply some of my favorite tropical aquarium fish and they make great tankmates for many types of cichlids.

Again, you should definitely think about the size of the cichlids that you own. If you have Oscars, you should not choose the smaller kinds of corydoras. The Oscars will think that they are food and scarf them down like little candies. It is best to choose one of the larger varieties of corys like the bronze corydoras.

These larger cichlids will reach full adult size at about three inches long so they will make great tankmates for the larger varieties of cichlids.

Keep this in mind when choosing South American Cichlid tank mates, Oscars sometimes break the rules. For the best results with Oscars, it is best to raise them with tank mates like corys, while they are both juveniles, so that they are conditioned to having each other around. Oh, and make sure you keep at least a half dozen or so of the corys. They like the company and have strength in numbers. - 32185

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Fish Tanks For Sale, Buying Quality Aquariums

By Ken Kavis

Searching for fish tanks for sale is not an easy task, getting a quality aquarium for a cheap price is your priority. If you choose to buy a cheaper aquarium you might find that this was not such a good choice after all.

These are the three options you have when looking for fish tanks for sale, get to your local petshop and look at some new aquariums for sale, you can drop in on a garage sale and might find used fish tanks, or you can browse the web and look for both new or used fish tanks for sale.

Comparing the prices of aquariums is a good way to indicate the best option for yourself when buying a fish tank. Making sure you get what you pay for is critical when buying used aquariums. New fish tanks come without flaws, but sometimes there is a fabrication error and it is recommended you send it back when it is still under guarantee.

Don't forget the fact that you might want to buy additional aquarium equipment to make your fish tank complete. Most fish tanks for sale have a starter kit and include additonal aquarium equipment. If you buy a used aquarium the previous owner will sell you the extra aquarium equipment seperatly or include it when you take his offer.

When you're new to fish keeping, you should get a new aquarium to prevent your fish to be harmed because used aquariums in some cases have a potential danger of killing your petfish. Experienced aquarium keepers can spot the flaws on a used aquarium at first sight.

Finally you want to choose what type of fish tank you want to keep, either look for freshwater fish tanks for sale or a saltwater fish tanks sale. Most beginners start with looking for goldfish tanks for sale, because they want to start out with something small and inexpensive.

When your looking to buy fish tanks online you will find lots of new and used aquariums for sale. You can bid on auction sites or you can buy new aquariums from online petshops or websites at real good price. Online aquariums for sale are usually cheaper than the ones you'll find in your local pet store because they don't need staff or storage room to be in business.

There are many different shapes and sizes when it comes to aquariums , and in the end it is up to you to find a quality fish tank for sale. Some recommend to start with a large aquarium because you'll have more time to fix it when something goes wrong. - 32185

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Keeping Cichlids Happy - It's Not Hard

By Carey Malloy

Keeping Cichlids is a hobby that more and more people are learning to enjoy every day. But if you are just beginning to learn how to keep these amazing and beautiful tropical fish, you have lots of questions. These are a few tips to get you started in your quest to keeping healthy but most importantly happy cichlids.

The first and most important thing that you should do is to think about the size that your cichlid fish will be when they reach full maturity. If Oscar fish are your favorite cichlids, you are simply going to need a large tank. Oscars are some of the largest and most intelligent of cichlids and they need their room.

Oscars need at least a 55 gallon tank, and that's just for a pair of these big guys. And guess what, if your cichlids are smaller, then a smaller tank will do. Couldn't be any simpler than thay.

Secondly, water salinity and ph levels, among other variables, can be very different between the different species of these fish. Specifically, they can be very different between the different American Cichlids and African Cichlids. Salinity and ph levels can even be diverse between the different lakes in Africa that particular African Cichlids are native to.

If you are going to have happy and healthy fish, Africans or Americans, temperature and water chemistry must be monitored on a daily basis.

Keeping cichlids with aquatic plants can sometimes be a challenge. I love a lush aquarium full of vibrant vegetation, but this can sometimes be impossible with certain types of cichlids.

African varieties of cichlids simply don't do very well with plants. South American cichlids seem to have a better tolerance for plant life. But if you have Oscars, don't bother. They love to dig plants up. Angels, however love plants and will thrive in a fully planted aquarium.

Angel fish are some of the most beautiful cichlids in my opinion. They can make a great addition to almost any docile cichlid tank. - 32185

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How Fish Tanks Can Add To The Decor Of Your Residence

By Eddie Lamb

Fish tanks can add to the ambiance of your home. If you have children, they will most definitely enjoy this addition to your household. If you have kids, having pets can be both exciting and a useful education tool. They will learn to clean and feed them, which is essential to helping teach your children to be responsible.

Today tanks are available in different sizes and shapes. They not only hold your children's attention but the different colors and hues of the fish will be attractive to your guests as well. They make a soothing backdrop to any room and the species themselves come in various colors, so you can match them to your decor. You can even add lighting to illuminate your tank.

If you choose to have fish, it is best to go to your local pet store to inquire how best to do this. It is important to understand that there are many things that can be poisonous to them. There are a variety of objects such as logs, plants and treasure chests that you can add that will not only allow for them to play, but will also help your tank look quite interesting.

Be particular when trying to decide on what type of water feature you intend to purchase. By doing so you'll ensure that it will help complete the look of a room. If you prefer a color scheme that is bold and colorful, then choose one that is different style-wise, and that holds creatures that are quite unique and eye catching in terms of their color. If your design tastes are more subdued, choose one that is more subdued in terms of design.

The combination of fish and water help to make a tranquil effect. In addition, an eye-catching piece can make for an interesting conversational starter for both adults and certainly children. Water features are usually incorporated into an interior designer's vision when decorating a room. In fact a rather large section of your home can be sectioned off to house a tank that is of a considerable size. This can really give a room a more glamorous look.

People even opt to put them in their offices due to their calming effect. A paediatrician would greatly benefit by keeping a fish tank as the kids would be instantly at ease and it can also be an excellent distraction for a child. Many larger business offices install massive tanks as it adds a luxurious feel to the environment and the colorful swimming fish add depth and motion to the office decor.

A number of things should be kept in mind when keeping an aquarium. A decent filtration system will ensure the water is well oxygenated and cleaning it often will keep the fish healthy. The food should be administered on time and a thermometer should be used to keep an eye on the temperature of the water. The tanks also need to have correct lighting installed to keep the occupants calm.

Having one that is unique in design can be a very interesting and stylish addition to both your home and or office. Fish can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and not to mention colors. Feng shui states that goldfish, in particular, can signal money and success, a definite must-have for any business. At home, choose species that signal serenity, peace and love, as the combination in turn will be an ideal asset to your once humble abode. - 32185

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Happy Fish Means Clean Tanks

By Teri Autumn

Proper maintenance of tropical fish tanks involve doing some tasks that you have to accomplish daily, monthly, weekly, bi-annually, and yearly. Doing these regularly and diligently will ensure the good health of your fish and prevent major problems from occurring.

Daily schedule

The daily tasks involved in taking care of tropical fish tanks are simple. These are checking if your fish are complete and healthy, spotting and removing dead fish and dead plant matter, and examining the temperature readings of your heater and thermometer. The temperature readings should match. Otherwise, it could mean that there is something wrong with your heater.

You should also check the water level. If it has dropped, replace the evaporated water to prevent salinity and pH levels from fluctuating.

Weekly maintenance tasks

Water change and light cleaning of tropical fish tanks are usually done during the weekly maintenance checks. You have to remove and clean dirty ornaments, clean the tank walls, siphon off floating particles and dirt, and prune and re-anchor live plants if you have them in your tank. When changing the water, do not remove more than 25% of the water in the tank. Before you put in the new water, make sure that it is filtered, dechlorinated, aerated, and of the correct temperature. You can leave the fish inside the tank while cleaning as long as you won't make sudden movements that will disturb them.

Monthly maintenance

Cleaning and replacement of some of the equipment of tropical fish tanks are done monthly. These are your filter media and filter cartridges. Do the monthly cleaning together with the scheduled water change so you can use the discarded water to clean the mechanical and chemical filter media of your fish tank. However, do not replace nor replace the biological media as this will wipe out the bacteria colonies needed for filtration. Make sure that you test the levels of ammonia, pH, nitrates, and nitrites in the fish tank.

It is advisable to keep a record book where your observations, activities, and testing results are noted down. Referring to those notes will help you later on in case concerns regarding water conditions or fish health will arise.

Bi-annual maintenance tasks

Tropical fish tanks are equipped with pumps, light bulbs, filters, pipes, and protein skimmers, and you need to clean or replace them at least every six months. Make sure that the pumps are working properly by checking for impeller cracks or any missing blades. For pipes, you have to clean them thoroughly to make sure that they'll work properly. It's best to replace the light bulbs of tropical fish tanks one at a time and when they're cool enough. Check the manual as a guide for replacing and cleaning any of these equipment.

Tools for maintenance

To complete the task diligently, arm yourself with the needed tools for maintenance. Among them are the algae pads, gravel vacuums, scrapers, tongs, gloves, tongs, and magnetic cleaners. Also use cleaning fluids such as salt creep removers, lime dissolvers, and glass polishers. - 32185

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Beginning as well as Maintaining Vibrant Glass Aquariums

By Dave Bowman

You don't need to be an expert to have a home aquarium with vividly colored fish and healthy plants. It's not impossible to maintain a healthy environment for fish and plants in a tank. However, you do need to follow instructions that are essential in fishkeeping.

The tank material and shape matters.

Consider buying rectangular glass aquariums. Although aquariums come in many kinds, shapes, and sizes, the better option for beginners are glass aquariums, as they are not as expensive as acrylic ones. They are also less prone to scratches and discoloration, so maintaining them won't be so complicated. As for the shape, narrow cylindrical and spherical aquariums may be pleasing to the eye but are not always suitable for the fish. These types have too little water surface open to air. Fish get oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide through the water surface, so narrower aquariums can be suffocating for fish.

Pay attention to details.

If you want to reduce the risk of contaminating the water in your tank and poisoning the fish, know which materials are dangerous and keep it out of your tank. Since glass aquariums are not prone to scratches and yellowing, you get to avoid using polishing compounds that are normally toxic. Other harmful substances include detergent, paint, plastic, and soap. It's also important to keep even the slightest hint of metal out of your tank because it poisons the fish.

Be cautious with aquarium decors.

Sometimes, new aquarists make the mistake of using any item that seems to "look right" in an aquarium as decor. This mistake, however, could be fatal to your fish. Limestone products, such as coral, coral sand, and marble chips, are wrong choices as they tend to dissolve in water. The residues increase the mineral content and pH of the water, which may be intolerable depending on the type of fish you have. Granite, quartz, and sandstone make good decorations for glass aquariums. To ensure the suitability of a material for aquariums, use decorations that are available at pet and aquarium shops.

Pick the right location.

Choosing the right spot for your aquarium is crucial in fishkeeping. Whether they're acrylic or glass aquariums, don't place them in windy areas. Otherwise, you will speed up evaporation and increase the chances of getting foreign particles into your tank. Sudden temperature changes are also harmful to fish, so it's vital to keep your aquarium away from heat-producing equipment.

Keep sunlight exposure to a minimum.

Anywhere that is not exposed to direct sunlight, wind, and heat is all right. Aside from hastening evaporation, the wind may also get harmful objects into your tank without your noticing it. Keeping glass aquariums away from heat-generating appliances is also essential, as abrupt changes in water temperature is detrimental to the health of your fish. Although sunlight exposure is good up to a certain period, prolonged periods will heat up the water and promote the growth of algae.

Control algae growth.

Algae are tiny plants, which are harmless or even beneficial up to a certain degree. When there's too much of them, the water in your tank will turn a greenish color. With their decay, they poison the water. In addition, they may steal nutrients that should otherwise nourish fish and other plants inside your tank. To keep algae out, reduce lighting in your tank. Keep your tank from direct sunlight and use artificial aquarium lighting, which you can turn on and off at fixed periods.

Even a beginner like you can maintain an aquarium successfully. All you need to do is to follow these simple yet effective tips. You'll certainly be fulfilled as you watch your fish swim happily in your own aquarium. - 32185

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