Specialized Saltwater Fish Tanks

By Amber Shipplen

It is no wonder that scuba diving and other related activities are becoming more and more popular, since the beauty of the aquatic world is undeniable. Fortunately, modern technology and equipment for aquarium setups are readily available. Through them, exploration of the different bodies of water and the different life forms found within is now made possible.

Though you can easily purchase marine fish tanks and other equipment from various pet supplies stores, setting up your own saltwater fish aquarium is not that easy. You need more than just the equipment to get started. You also need a lot of information, patience, and commitment to maintain marine fish tanks.

Saltwater fishkeeping versus freshwater fishkeeping Salwater fishkeeping or marine fishkeeping is different from freshwater fishkeeping in that the requirements for marine fish tanks are more complex. Water parameters such as salinity, pH, specific gravity, temperature, and ammonia, among others, need close monitoring. Marine fish tanks have intricate filtration systems, including the need for protein skimmers that remove organic compounds before they degrade.

Aside from the equipment, you will also spend more on acquiring saltwater fish since they are usually more expensive than their freshwater counterparts. This is because they are usually more eye-catching and exotic. In addition, you will also have to invest in live rock. This can be the most expensive part of your initial setup for the aquarium as you may need to have the live rock cured. However, it is a worthy investment because it is considered as the best form of biological filtration, not to mention the beauty that it will add to your entire marine aquarium setup.

Setting up marine fish tanks

Some helpful tips in setting up your very own saltwater fish aquarium It is not easy to set up marine fish tanks. Prior to making your purchase, you need to read a lot about it and familiarize yourself with the necessary equipment and proper procedures.

Aside from the aquarium itself, you need to prepare your background or aquarium design, saltwater mix, live rock, aquarium filter, hydrometer, heater, aquarium vacuum, saltwater fish foods, and protein skimmer, among others.

If you think that the initial setup takes a lot of time, well you have to give as much time and attention to cleaning and maintenance too. Ideally, you should clean your saltwater aquarium once a month and change some of the saltwater too. Change 20% of saltwater monthly. This ought to keep your fish happy and healthy.

Other things you might want to consider is the location of the aquarium, the size of the aquarium, and the kind of saltwater fish you wish to put in it. The key is to be well informed by reading a lot about marine fishkeeping. - 32185

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