How to Decorate Your Fish Tank

By Benjamin Coombes

Your tank should be decorated, your fish need places to hide in places to rest. Mainly though you will find a decorated fish tank much more pleasing to view.

When setting up a fish tank, the first thing that you should do is put gravel on the bottom. You can get your Gravel from your local dealer. Remember that most fish will look better in fish tanks with a darker or neutral gravel. A good rule of thumb for the amount of gravel that you should put in your fish tank is about 5 pounds for every one half square foot of surface area. You can mix your gravel's for an interesting effect, but remember after all your plants and other decorations going into your fish tank, you may not even see your gravel.

The choice is yours for deciding on what to put as the background of your fish tank. Anything that can be taped to the back, like mirrored backgrounds, or printed scenes purchased at your favorite pet store.

A large rock to make a great centerpiece for your fish tank. Rocks are great as standalone decorations. Or you can use them to build ledges and terraces.

Whether live or plastic, plants provide hiding places, shade, breeding spots, territories, and beauty.

Decorative driftwood, can be found in pet stores and are suitable for your aquarium. While collecting rocks driftwood and other items to placing your fish tank can be enjoyable and unique. Be careful, you never know whether you've cleaned out all the substances that can pose a danger to your fish.

You can get ornaments for the bottom of your tank like no fishing signs, and frogs, and turtles. Even items that move like air driven treasure chests, sunken ships, and divers.

Finally your fish will be more comfortable and more pleasing to view the decorated fish tank backgrounds are attractive and hide cords. Plants rocks and gravel should bring out the colors of your fish. Take the time and enjoy setting up your fish tank. - 32185

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