Tips For Algae Control In Your Pond Or Aquarium

By Roland Stockwell

Figuring out how to stop algae from growing in an aquarium or ornamental pond can be tricky but there are many algae control steps that you can take that also include using special algae control products. There are many different forms of algae and the best way to eliminate them is to take away their source of food and nutrient.

You can streamline your system to minimize any algae growth as this will help even more when using a product. Light is required for most, but not all, algae to grow. To cut back on this algae growth you should limit the amount of time your aquarium is in direct sunlight. If you use an artificial light source then it should not be on for more than 12 hours a day.

It is possible to keep the nutrient levels in the water low by frequently changing the water or regularly filtering it. There are many types of filtering substances you can use such as adsorption resins, deionised water and reverse osmosis. These systems will eliminate nitrates, phosphate sand silicates from the water. You can also stock your pond or aquarium with fish that will specifically eat the algae for food.

There are four different types of algae that can be issues; these include blue-green algae, brown algae, red or brush algae and green algae. Brown algae will probably be the first algae you will have to deal with and this algae does not need light to grow.

If your water has a high pH then red algae can be a problem and this algae is particularly difficult to clean manually.

If you have a pond then you should invest in a good pump system as this will keep the water clean and in constant motion. Also any products you use should be natural and non toxic to the fish and other plant life in the water. - 32185

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