Review of a Premium Quality Aquarium Filter

By Trevor J Rockberry

If you are looking for a better filtration system for your home aquarium, then the Fluval 405 aquarium filter gives you excellent filtration for an aquarium holding up to 400 liters, or 100 gallons. External multi-stage filtration makes the system easy to clean and maintain, which is why the Fluval is so popular among many home aquarium owners. Fluval has put a lot of effort into designing all of their filtration systems into optimizing maintenance, use of space, and filtration power just so you can get everything you need.

The Features

Features like the instant priming and the Aqua-Stop feature that allows you to stop water flow without disconnecting hoses, makes it quick and trouble-free to maintain. There's no need for manual siphoning with the self-priming feature and there's no mess or leaks when you are cleaning and maintaining the 405. Since the chemical and biological media are in separate compartments, you can just change what you need to, instead of the entire media because it might not be needed at the same time.

Professionally Approved

UL approved with a 3 year guarantee, this aquarium filtration system works off 120 volt household current at 60 Hz and filters 225 gallons per hour while using just 22 watts. Keeping the cover secure for safe and consistent operation is the lift-lock clamp. When it is time to clean the filter, this lid is easy to open and lift off although it is tightly fitted. This filtration system is easy to set up in a matter of seconds straight from the box and includes an updated intake strainer, pre-packed media and a number of pre-assembled parts.

Convenience and Value

The filter is small enough to easily fit into many spaces as its measurements are at 8.75" x 6" x 16.75". This enables the filter to use up the entire canister space so that the water flow would increase, providing better efficiency and optimal filtration that other aquarium filters fail to offer. Due to the smooth and quiet operation of the 405, your home aquarium will be turned into a relaxing distraction instead of a noisy and annoying one. Costing at around a few hundred dollars, the Fluval filters come with four media baskets which contain carbon bags, suction cups and biological media. Also available with it are two foam blocks, an instruction manual and DVD, and an intake and outlet tubing. In the Fluval filters line of products, this filter comes in the middle just after the less expensive models and just before the Fluval FX-5.

In Conclusion

Most people who own an aquarium will agree that cleaning the filtration system is a dreaded chore and keeping their aquariums clean with canister filters that have just enough power has been a reported problem for many. However, the 405 filters addresses all of those complaints and optimizes increased water flow for better filtering as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. The Fluval 405 is extremely affordable for just about anyone and it is very easy and convenient to use. If you want an aquarium filtration system for your home aquarium then this is one you should definitely check out. - 32185

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