Things To Think About When Buying An Aquarium

By Dustin Williams

There are a few things to consider when you are buying tropical fish tanks. First you have to decide if you want saltwater or freshwater fish. Saltwater fish are a little harder to care for and require more to set up the tank. For this reason, freshwater tropical fish are usually recommended for beginners. Saltwater tanks can take weeks to get ready for fish while a freshwater tank can be fish ready within 24 hours.

Another main concern when buying tropical fish tanks is location. Location is almost as important as deciding the type of fish. There are a lot of rules when it comes to placing an aquarium. For example: Aquariums can't be placed in direct sunlight because that can overheat the water and kill your fish. The tank can't be placed somewhere that has extreme temperature changes, such as in a unfinished basement or unheated garage.

The perfect location would be somewhere out of the immediate walkway, with a level floor and easy access to an electrical outlet. It also needs to be accessible to you for cleaning and redecorating purposes. The reason you want tropical fish tanks in a slightly out of the way area is because of their size. Even a 20 gallon tank can be quite heavy when filled with water, gravel, plants and fish. Being on a level floor helps keep the weight of the water from putting stress on some seals more than others, preventing leaks. Tropical tanks need an electrical outlet mainly for their heater, but most tanks come with a lighted cover that also needs to be plugged in.

Once you have all the information you can get from your house, its time to go to the store and actually pick your tank. There are a few things to keep in mind when picking out tropical fish tanks at the store too. Your main concerns at the store will be shape, size and material of the aquarium.

First the shape. The longer and wider a tank is the larger the surface area of water, which is how oxygen gets into the water for your fish to breath. The size of your aquarium matters too. The larger a tank is, the easier to care for the fish but keep in mind where you want to put it when you get home. Finally material of the aquarium. Most aquariums are made out of glass or acrylic. Glass is easier to care for and therefore recommended for beginners. - 32185

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