Bringing The Fish Home

By Roshan Goodman

Whether it's your first aquarium or you are an expert aquarist, bringing fish home from the store can be a tricky task for everyone. Getting your fish home safely can be easy or very difficult. With a few steps your fish can arrive home and be happy and healthy. The distance to get your fish is a big factor in getting your pets home safely. Longer distance can cause hardships for the fish and yourself.

If you live far away then planning when and how you get the fish home can be vital. If you cannot get the fish home right away you might consider investing in a small plastic transporting tank. A tank can help the fish feel more safe and they will have airflow in the tank.

Leaving the fish in the bags they come in is ok, but not suggested. The bags have only a certain amount of water and the fish ca survive for a small period of time in the bags. Moving the fish to a different container is highly helpful.

The worst thing you can do is leaving the fish in the bag in the sun. If you have to park leave the air conditioning on. If it is cold do not leave the fish in the car. Have someone stay in the car with the heat on. Do not leave the fish in the car alone.

When the fish are home the last step to establishing them into the new tank. Floating the bags in the tank is a key point to make sure the fish do not go into shock when they are released into the tank. Float the bags in the tank for around thirty minutes so the fish can get used to the temperature of their new habitat.

By following the steps earlier in the article you can avoid losing any fish. The fish will live happily in the new tank. The temperature of the new water will not shock the fish. The new fish will also not die in the way home. - 32185

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