Filling Your Tank

By Roshan Goodman

Many fish such as Cory cats and neon tetras can only live in a certain range of hard water. Hard water is water with more minerals and can harm some fish. There is a solution that can be purchased to clean the water if it is hard, but is best used only when first filling your aquarium for the first time

Filing your tank about twice a week can keep the cycle of water in your tank for maxim health for your fish. When filling your tank, be careful not to fill the tank too soon. Fill the tank when the waterline reaches an inch below the lid. Filling the tank too high can affect the fish by letting the water of the tank not be circulated to get enough oxygen. Fill the tank only to the bottom of the lid line.

Before you regularly change your tank's water they type of fish your own should be assessed. If you have a variety of fish that cannot live in hard water it is best if you fill your tank with just soft water. Having a little bit of soft water can be good for the fish. Fill the tank with a fifth of hard water and the rest soft.

Filling your tank regularly is very good for the cycle of water. The fish get fresh water twice a week will increase their health. Fill the tank after the waterline recedes to an inch below the lid. When you fill the tank do not fill it above the lid cap. If you fill the tank water too high then the air will not flow and the fish will not get enough oxygen.

Not everyone may know how to find out how to get water that is soft and water that is hard. The trick is knowing where you can find it. If you have tap water or a water purifier then that type of water is soft. Also any bottled water is also soft. Hard water is any faucet water usually. Also hard water is from your hose or outside faucet.

Knowing the types of fish in your tank can help your weekly water changes be very smooth and easy. Finding the type of fish that you have and separating them if they can or cannot be in the same tank with the same type of water. These tricks and tips can help your tank be happy and healthy. - 32185

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