When I Bought My Aquarium

By Amy Andrews

An 100 gallon aquarium holds a large amount of water. If people are serious about having many fish for pets, they may purchase a 100 gallon aquarium. These aquariums stay cleaner longer than smaller models. An 100 gallon aquarium is good for fish as well as aquatic gardens including reefs and treasure chests. Some 100 gallon tanks are featured in restaurants, casinos, boats and office buildings as an elegant touch.

An 100 gallon aquarium can start at $50.00 and go up to $500.00 and up depending on where they are purchased. Since these models are so large, often when someone moves, they sell their 100 gallon aquarium if they cannot fit it in their new house. Rarely does this size of aquarium add elegance to a room without taking up a lot of space in turn.

You can purchase an 100 gallon aquarium from a garage sale or specialty store. Sometimes an 100 gallon aquarium comes in a package including food to feed the fish along with some colorful gravel. An 100 gallon aquarium will sometimes have a light built in to illuminate the water, decorations and fish in the tank. The tank will also have a filter to refresh the water. These aquariums are friendly to freshwater or saltwater fish.

An 100 gallon aquarium will need to be cleaned from time to time, and it may be valuable to have a professional tank cleaner come to your home and clean it for you while protecting the fish. The water can be changed, the glass can be cleaned and the decorations can be rinsed. The filter can also be removed and flushed out of any debris.

Fish can be kept in a large container full of water that is the same temperature as the 100 gallon aquarium they lived in until the tank is finished being cleaned out. You can use a net to catch the fish and quickly dump them into the container so they can quickly readjust to the new water. Many 100 gallon aquariums come with instructions for filling the tank, assembling the filter, using the light and cleaning the tank. Caution should be taken around a tank this size because of the amount of water it holds and the delicate glass keeping it all in. There have been accidents and injury from tanks breaking and this is why it is crucial for precautions to be taken when maintaining tanks. - 32185

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