Moving Your Aquarium

By Roshan Goodman

Moving your aquarium can be very easy or very difficult, if you know how to do it the correct way. The size of your tank can make the moving easy or hard. You also have to take in account for the distance that you are moving the tank. With a few easy steps you can make moving your fish tank effortless.

First, the fish are the most important part of the moving of your tank operation and should be handled with caution and your biggest concern. Before you ever move the tank move the fish out of the tank. If you have a small carrying tank, move the fish into that tank temporarily. If you do not have a tank, move the fish into plastic bags or a bucket. The fish are most important and cannot safely be moved with the tank.

If your tank is smaller than ten gallons then you will need to empty the water out of the tank to move it safely. To drain the water from the tank, vacuum the water from the tank like cleaning the tank, Leave about an inch of water in the tank so some minerals are left in the tank.

Keeping the fish safe should be your first priority. In any instance the fish should be taken out of the tank before it is drained or moved, If you have another aquarium or small tank for carrying fish in, then I would suggest moving the fish into the extra tank, If none of these options are possible than put the fish into bags, like you would at a pet store. Remember the fish cannot stay in the bags or a small-unheated tank very long because of heat and air.

After the fish are adjusted to the tank, release them into the tank. Place the decor and plants back in the same places, as the fish are probably used to their habitat. Just remember the fish cannot stay in the temporary tank or bags very long during the move, because of oxygen and heat, Also if you decide to clean the tank during the move of the tank, make sure to wash out the tank and accessories well so the fish do not get harmed by soap or chemicals.

When you are ready to re fill the tank, fill it with the right type if water for the fish. Put all the accessories and plants back before the fish, Make sure the heaters have been going for awhile, so that the tank is to the warmth the fish need. If the water is too cold or hot the fish will go into shock. Float the fish in the water, just like when you purchase new fish, to prevent shock. If you follow these steps then your tank will be happy and healthy. - 32185

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