Fish Causing Chaos

By Roshan Goodman

If you are stressed out about a fish then you can solve the problem easily. There are a few steps to follow to fix the bad fish problems. The first step is to identify the problem. Secondly, you must figure out what to do with the fish. Finally, you must try out the solution to see if it works.

There are many ways that a fish can be un-cooperative. Fish can attack other fish. They can constantly bug other fish and scare them. They can be very hyper and be too fast for the other fish. They can dig a lot and knock over plants. Identifying which fish does what is the first step to fixing the problem.

The most common problem when fish are causing problems is because of they do not like the other fish. This can be solved very easily, and is best solved as soon as the problem is found. Usually the problem is that one fish does not like another type of fish.

Solving this problem can be easy and done without having to kill the fish. Isolating the fish that has the problem in a different tank for a while is best. If the problems cease in your main tank then the fish cannot be with the other fish in the tank, and is best left alone or maybe only with its own kind.

If a group of fish or a few groups of fish are fighting then the problem may take longer to fix. You can remove the first group of fish from the tank and see if the fish are peaceful without that group. Next move the other group of fish to see if the first group is the problem. The group that is the most troublesome must be removed from the tank.

Following these tips will help your tank be happy and healthy. They can be implemented easily and effectively with an extra tank and decorations for the tank. If you need any help or have any questions please email me at Fish tanks are my hobby and an happy to help. - 32185

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